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Four Seasons Dancers - Garage Arts Project

We are thrilled to announce our new dance production, Four Seasons, set to the iconic composition by Antonio Vivaldi. As dancers and artists, this project is incredibly personal as we explore the emotions behind each season through movement and bring them to life on stage. 

Exploring the intersection of Western Classical music with Indian Classical Dance, our performance will present the four seasons as four vignettes, each showcasing the artistry and versatility of Bharatanatyam and contemporary styles.


From thawing ground and blossoming trees,

New beginnings and sweet release.

Storms of spring may come my way,

Wind howls as if to rewrite the day.

But I cling to hope, and wait for the calm,

Picking up the pieces, carrying on.

With each passing shower, spring grows strong,

Renewing power, as life goes on.



In the heat of summer, my heart beats fast,

Longing for a love that may not last.

Love can be fickle and cruel,

But we keep searching, never a fool.

Amidst the conflict of heart and mind,

We seek the truth, and hope to find

A way to make love sincere,

To keep the flames burning, year after year.

And though summer's heat may scorch and sting,

We hold onto hope, and let our love take wing.



With each falling leaf, I feel the weight,

The fear of fate, and the unknown's gate.

But as the wind whispers, I find my strength,

And break down barriers, no matter the length.

Crossing to the other side, I discover new ground,

And the beauty of change, that was once unfound.

Letting go of fear, and stepping into the clear,

I find new strength, and the freedom to steer.




As darkness sets in, and the world grows cold,

I hold onto hope, with a firm and steady hold.

For in confinement and loneliness, I find my strength,

And let my spark guide me, through the longest length.

The chill may seep in, and steal my light,

But I know that hope will help me fight.

And though the darkness may surround me,

I'll keep my spark burning until I'm free.


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This event is made possible by Texas Commission on the Arts and the City Of Plano
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