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Distinct Identity

To support and nurture our local arts and cultural groups as they present inspiring and entertaining experiences designed to enrich our community. Our goal is to feature artistic ventures that are creative, collaborative, and have cross-cultural appeal. 

Our Mission

Garage Arts Project (GAP) is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing an intimate and immersive platform for artists and audiences to foster creativity, and goodwill, increase appreciation of the arts and strive for better cultural understanding.

Our Vision

Engage, collaborate and transform local communities through the power of creative expression.

Our Core Beliefs 

We believe that performing arts can provide a unique insight into our diverse and vibrant community. We believe that performing arts has the power to bring different cultural ethnicities and backgrounds together. We believe in providing a safe space for engagement, exploration, and the exchange of ideas. 

Our Core Values

We value creativity, critical thinking, innovation, integration, collaboration, and partnerships.

Our Core Areas

  • Enhance – professional skill development through masterclasses and workshops

  • Engage – outreach programs in local communities 

  • Explore – promote inter and intra-cultural collaborations across different art forms

  • Enrich – organize festivals in intimate spaces thereby increasing artist/audience engagement and interaction

  • Experience – organize immersive retreats that would unite, build camaraderie, and create a wholesome experience


Our Roots

GAP was started by Renuka Rajagopalan in Plano, TX. She had invited some people to her garage dance studio for a low-key, intimate gig. Eight people gathered to enjoy Afro-Cuban live music and dancing and soon everyone realized how the experience transformed their view of such curated events.

Now, GAP has grown into a community of artists, hosts, and members who got together to curate events, both in-person and virtual. Our goal is to support and promote the work of performing artists by creating opportunities to network, collaborate, develop and advance their art.


Renuka Rajagopalan

Renuka Rajagopalan is an Indian Classical and Contemporary dancer, Artist Facilitator and Founder of Garage Arts Project. A staunch believer in the arts, she is passionate about creating

awareness of global art forms and connecting arts to an appreciative multi-cultural audience.


Deepa Ramachandran

Deepa is a Carnatic violinist who finds great joy and purpose through music. She now lives in Houston, has performed extensively, and has also been a part of numerous organizations promoting the arts. 


Sandhya Raghuraman

A versatile artist and a talented dancer, Sandhya has a natural grace and spontaneity that bring out the sheer joy she experiences when dancing, which helps her connect both visually and emotionally with the audience. 


Vaishnavi Rajagopalan

Vaishnavi Rajagopalan is a dancer, choreographer and performer of Bharatanatyam.  Her passion and energy for performing arts have been the driving forces that enable her to delve deeper into the essence of these forms as a communicative and emotive medium.

Meet The Team

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