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Garage Arts Project is excited to host ArtSalad 2.0, a virtual series, releasing this July. The aim of ArtSalad is to foster new collaborations and expand boundaries. We seek works from various mediums of art that value collaboration and curiosity with a willingness to take creative risks to explore new ideas and concepts.


Our hope is that the experience of ARTSalad will lead to continued collaboration, transforming the experiment into a larger and more complete work. To motivate our participants and galvanize this process, we will be inviting three submissions from our entries to be featured in Garage Arts Project - BRIDGES 2022 event.

Please make sure to review the submission guidelines before you plan the project. We are excited to receive your entry!



- Sign-up Deadline: May 15th, 2022

- Submission Deadline: June 30th, 2022

- Selected submissions will be streamed on all our social media handles (except the winners) from 15th July - 31st July

- The top 3 projects from the submissions selected by an independent jury will be announced the 2nd week of July

- They will receive prize money of $100 per project and be virtually presented at the in-person Plano and Houston Bridges 2022 Festival in Fall



Projects should be multi- or cross-disciplinary in nature and may include work from the performing, visual, media, and literary arts. We highly encourage works that explore boundaries between art disciplines, or fuse/transcend disciplines, creating new forms of expression.

Entries are open to participants (US and abroad) Age 15 and above



* Solo, duet, or group works can be submitted

* Submission videos do not have to be of professional quality but should have clarity of sound and visuals

* Length of the video not to exceed 7 minutes.

* Videos recorded on a mobile phone should be in a landscape format 

* Submissions will have to be a video recording in a .mov or .mp4 format, with a resolution of 1080p or higher

*For any questions, please email us at

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